La Grande Annee・Bollinger・2012

Product name: La Grand Dane

Producer name: Bollinger

Variety: Pinot Noir Chardonnay

Region: France > Champagne

Category: White

Capacity: 750ml


(The following is from the importer materials)
Obtained 95 Parker points. Bollinger only produces Vintage Champagne in years when the highest quality grapes were harvested. The exceptional vintage of 2012 produced expressive wines that were rich and fresh, yet also complex. The aromas interact with each other, opening with apricots, almonds, and hazelnuts, followed by honey and grain notes. Exceptional texture and structure. Concentrated and smooth. Long aftertaste. Fresh and mellow, with a refined finish.

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A long-established maison that had a major influence on the champagne industry

Since its founding in 1829, Bollinger is a rare maison that has been family-run for 179 years. When discussing Bollinger's history, an essential person is Elizabeth Lily Bollinger, who laid the foundation for the Maison's global reputation today. She took over the Maison in the midst of World War II, and after the war, she purchased Grand Cru and Premier Cru vineyards one after another. We have built the asset base of our vast in-house fields that support Bollinger's high quality.

She also discovered that by exposing wine to lees for a long period of time, the rich aromas are brought out, giving the wine a complex flavor with a sense of concentration and deep fruit flavors. We have released ``Bollinger RD,'' a Prestige Cuvée made with the unique concept of aging for a long period of time and then disgorgementing when it shows its true potential. This masterpiece, created by the challenge of being one step ahead of the times, had a great influence on the Champagne industry.

In 2008, for the first time in the history of Bollinger, Jérôme Philippon, a non-family member, took over the management of the Maison, and Charles-Armand de Vernet, who was Pernod Ricard's marketing director, is now the general manager. took office. We aim to further develop the Maison by deftly incorporating innovative techniques while preserving the traditions cultivated over our long history.

Pinot Noir symbolizes Bollinger's style
Bollinger owns 179 hectares of its own fields in a major Champagne producing region, which accounts for approximately 60% of its production. Approximately 85% of their vineyards are made up of Grand Cru and Premier Cru, and it is these great fields that support the high quality of Bollinger Champagne.

Approximately 60% of the total area of ​​the company's vineyards is Pinot Noir, which produces Bollinger's plump and powerful style. Among them, the village of Ai, which is the home of Bollinger, is an area of ​​the Vallée de la Marne blessed with sunlight and a large south-facing slope that stretches from east to west. It is revered by enthusiasts as a sacred place.

Bollinger Champagne takes advantage of the charm of the high-quality Pinot Noir from Ai Village and expresses a plump taste with a mellow and rich fruit flavor.

Careful barrel fermentation and barrel aging bring out complex and deep flavors.
They are particular about fermentation and aging in barrels to bring out the charm of Pinot Noir, the symbol of the House. The Maison owns 4,000 old barrels, and is the only Champagne barrel craftsman on staff. They even have a workshop dedicated to making barrels, and have been certified as an ``Intangible Cultural Heritage Company'' by the French government.

Bollinger Champagne is characterized by aging on the lees in wooden barrels for at least three years. The wine is exposed to fine air through the wood grain of the barrel, allowing it to mature slowly over a long period of time, creating an even richer aroma. The creamy foam characteristic of Bollinger also comes from this barrel fermentation and aging.

Bollinger Champagne is made using special methods such as barrel fermentation and long-term aging. Its complex aroma, rich fruit flavor, and deep flavor continue to fascinate wine lovers around the world.