Grappa・Romano Levi 2004 NO1

Product name: Grappa Romano Levi (hand-painted bottle)

Producer name: Romano Levi

Variety: mar grappa

Region: Italy

Category: mar grappa

Capacity: 700ml


Romano Levi was born in 1928.

On average, they distill 15-20 barrels per year, each of 600-700L capacity.

The Levi distillery was founded in 1925 by Romano's father, Serafino Levi.
However, just a few years after opening the distillery, which had been his long-cherished dream, Serafino passed away.
After losing his beloved mother in a bombing raid in 1945, he began distilling himself.

A prewar direct-fire distillery inherited from his father (modern distilleries do not have a direct flame,
There is a water-filled area between the heat source and the ingredients, and the steam from the water heats the ingredients.
They use a system similar to a hot water bath to stubbornly stick to traditional manufacturing methods.

The fuel used is vinaccia (grape pomace left over from winemaking) after distillation, which is then dehydrated using a torchio (a wooden grape pressing machine).
The grapes are dried outside for 2-3 years and the ashes are then spread on the vineyard.
The vinaccia we use comes from producers such as Gaja.
Nebbiolo Vinaccia is mainly used.
Levi dug two huge holes in his garden and buried the grape skins.
They dig up little by little until April or May of the following year and use it for distillation.

The storage pits are covered with sand to remove air and prevent spoilage.
In this region, where the temperature drops rapidly after harvest, the pomace is stored in a natural refrigerated state until spring.
The distilled grappa is poured directly into barrels.
The wine is aged in a cellar for between one and ten years (some may age for more than 20 years).

Depending on the type of wood used for the barrels, the age of the casks, and the age of the barrels,
The finished grappa can be a variety of colors.

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Romano Levi