First Essence Peach Gin 5th year

Product name: First Essence Peach Gin Fifth Year

Producer name: Tatsumi Distillery

Blend: juniper berry, peach

Alcohol degree: 45 degrees

Production quantity: 400 pieces

Category: gin

Capacity: 500ml


(Official comment below)

In late August, we received 120 kg of peaches from Mr. Minami Katoshima in the Jinjinno district of Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture.
After the peaches are harvested, they are heated for 7 days and distilled when the aroma is best.
Peach gin uses Hakuo every year, but this year the Hakuo harvest started more than two weeks early (early August), coinciding with the harvest of Nagami mugwort. Therefore, this time we have a peach gin distilled from three varieties: Hakuo, Hida Otome, and Showa Hakuto.
It may take a while to feel the flavor of peaches, but if you mix it with soda or water, you can enjoy a refreshing drink.

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Tatsumi Distillery

Mr. Shohei Tatsumi, who started the distillery, graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and visited various breweries and distilleries in Japan and abroad for 8 years, moved to Gujo Hachiman three years ago at the age of 29, and founded the company in December 2016. . (Obtained spirits license in June 2017).

Yawata-cho, Gujo City, located in the central part of Gifu Prefecture, is generally referred to as Gujo Hachiman, and is a castle town that spreads out around the Yoshida River, which branches off from the Nagara River. The soil is different north and south of the Yoshida River, and the south side, where the Tatsumi Distillery is located, is mainly limestone and basalt. There are many limestone caves on this side, from which an abundance of high-quality spring water flows.

Immediately behind the Tatsumi Distillery, there is a place where streams from two water sources meet, and because it is in a valley, the land is dark and humid. At Tatsumi Distillery, we use water from the Innakigawa River as our brewing water. The water temperature remains stable at around 14 degrees Celsius throughout the year, and the hardness of the water is medium hard (according to Mr. Tatsumi, in Japan it is classified as medium soft water) at around 65 degrees Celsius.

In Gujo, you can find wasabi in Wara Town in March, butterbur flowers in Takasu Town in April, blackberries and mugwort in Meiho in August, osmanthus in Yawata in October, and yuzu in Inukadani in November. Distilling certain seasonal botanicals.

Currently, spirits distilled from local botanicals are sold at liquor stores in Gujo Hachiman.

Botanical spirits harvested throughout Japan are shipped to liquor stores nationwide.