Esprit Nature・Henri Giraud・NV

Product name: Esprit Nature

Producer name: Henri Giraud

Variety: Pinot Noir Chardonnay

Region: France > Champagne

Category: White

Capacity: 750ml


(The following is from the importer materials)
This Esprit Nature is the culmination of Henri Giraud's research over the past 30 years to create the highest quality Champagne. Nature is not the so-called vin nature (natural wine), but represents the credo of ``coexisting with nature and working on making champagne.'' Brewed in Argonne wooden barrels and terracotta egg-shaped tanks. The wooden barrels, which are the most distinctive feature of Henri Giraud, are made from oak trees in the Argonne Forest, paying close attention not only to the terroir of the vineyard, but also to the terroir of the wooden barrels of the Argonne Forest. Aromas of fresh fruits such as ripe peaches and pears. The richness derived from Pinot Noir and the complexity derived from aging in wooden barrels are impressive.

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Henri Giraud

A “phantom champagne” that has been loved by only a few connoisseurs.

A ``phantom champagne'' that was enjoyed by the upper classes of Europe, such as England and Monaco. The sophisticated taste produced from high-quality grapes and traditional manufacturing methods has long graced the glamorous banquets of European society. What makes Henri Giraud unique is his commitment to grapes grown in the village of Ay, which produces high-quality Pinot Noir. It has a rich, elegant, and noble taste with a sense of finesse.

Henri Giraud has approximately 8 hectares of his own vineyards in the village of Ay, all of which are certified Grand Cru. Through traditional manufacturing methods and innovative techniques that are still stubbornly maintained, the charm of Pinot Noir from Ai Village is brought out to its fullest.