Vosne Romanee 1er Cru Aux Malconsorts ・Dujac・2019

Product name: Beaune Romanée Premier Cru Au Mal Console

Producer name: Dujac

Variety: pinot noir

Region: France > Burgundy

Category: red

Capacity: 750ml


(The following is from the importer materials)
The first-class field Malconsole is the southernmost field in Vosne-Romanée, adjacent to DRC's Monopole special-grade field La Tache. Dujac owns 1.57ha of Malconsole.

We use biologic farming methods and harvest by hand. In the time of my father, Jack, the grapes were completely un-destemmed, but since my son, Jeremy's time, we have changed the destemming ratio from 0 to 30% for each vintage. Fermentation is carried out using natural yeast in concrete tanks at a maximum temperature of 32 degrees. After aging in oak barrels with a ratio of 70 to 80% new barrels, it is bottled without filtration. The wines produced are delicate in style, with rich, complex aromas.

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A domaine that has built a reputation in just one generation and continues to lead Morey Saint-Denis.

Domaine Dujac was a rival to Ponsot and became a key player in making Moret Saint-Denis famous all over the world. Since the first vintage in 1986, founder Jacques Says has produced wines that are both gorgeous and powerful and can be described as perfect, instantly captivating connoisseurs around the world. It has a passionate following and is known as one of the top domaines that sells out as soon as it is released.

Excellent 2020, one of the most wonderful vintages in the history of the domaine
2020 was the earliest harvest in the domaine's history. April, which arrived after a warm winter, was warmer than average and blessed with sunny skies, which led to early grape budding, making for an especially speedy start to the season. There were concerns about frost damage, but there was no damage, and the temperature continued to rise without rain, and the trees bloomed earlier than usual in mid-May. However, a cold wave arrived at the end of the season, causing a slight decline in blooms and causing a partial loss of black grape yield.

The summer continued to be hot and dry, with record sunshine and 50% less rain than usual. There were storms in July and August, but fortunately there was no hail, and instead we were blessed with rain. This way, even though the summer heat peaked in mid-August, we were able to maintain high acid levels until harvest.

The harvest was brought forward several days and finished from August 19th to the 27th, as exceptionally good weather and abundant sunlight accelerated the ripening of the grapes. Because the grapes were hygienic and ripe, we used as many whole bunches (90-95%) as possible for most of our wines. As usual, the domaine was able to prevent the risk of over-extracting the ripe tannins by using a gentle remontage rather than a pigage.

The red wine produced in this way is concentrated, with a firm structure, fresh fruit flavors, tannins but an elegant impression. Ripe grapes with beautiful acidity give the wine a natural balance, making it one of the finest vintages the domaine has produced.

The white wine is a very classic style with excellent tension, controlled alcohol, and full of energy. It has an excellent finish that is very similar to the 2014 and 2017 vintages, which are famous as great vintages in Burgundy.