Puro Spumante・Movia・2016

Product name: Spumante Puro

Producer name: Movia

Variety: Chardonnay, Reboula

Region: slovenia

Category: White

Capacity: 750ml


(The following is from the importer's materials) After temporary fermentation, it is aged for 3 to 4 years, and during the secondary fermentation, grape juice "must" is added and aged for 2 years. Made in a natural way using the classic Champagne method. No SO2 added. It is no exaggeration to say that Movia's sparkling is unique. The taste is truly Italian natural. It is aged on the lees without a filter, and bubbles will always come out when you open the bottle, so please chill it at 0 degrees for 30 minutes before opening the bottle.

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10 hectares in Slovenia and 8 hectares in Italy's Friuli region. Wine from the Movia family that has been around since the 18th century. During President Tate's time, it remained the president's official wine and the only private wine. The wine is made using the oldest method, which is called very new, in which the grapes are hand-picked, fermented within two hours, and left to age until the smell of the barrel disappears, and no SOLFOROSA (medicine) is used for fermentation.

MOVIA is particular about not only the variety but also the land. Generally speaking, wines of the same variety from different regions are collected to create the wine that the owner has created. Because the most important grapes for wine are collected and produced only in one special place, the wine is unique and expresses the region and grapes. Wine made from this region and limited varieties is called CRU wine. MOVIA's wines have the name of the region written before the variety. Also, the vines are pruned until they are 20 years old and before they bear fruit. The thing that uses the most energy is growing the fruit, so all that energy goes underground. The roots planted over those 20 years are very deep. At the age of 20, I added minerals from geological formations that do not use any pesticides, and I am able to demonstrate all of its power. The MOVIA line is made with these wonderful grapes.

In addition, the owner, Mr. Ares, is particular about deciding on all 18 hectares by his judge. For example, when grapes are fermented, they become vinegar after a certain point. To avoid this risk, it is normal practice to stop fermentation early, but he stops fermentation just before it turns into vinegar (in fruit ripeness terms). This comes from his intuition and passion that comes from his many years of experience.

A wine that takes advantage of the aromas of the first, second, and third stages. In October 2005, MOVIA won the gold award for the entire company at the American Wine Spectator ``Critics Choice Award'' and was invited to New York to receive the honor. In 2010, the entire company received the Gold Award at the Critics Choice Award at the San Francisco Wine & Spirits Awards.