Pouilly Fume Pur Sang・Didier Dagueneau・2015

Product name: Pouilly Fumé Pur Saint

Producer name: Didier Daguenneau

Variety: sauvignon blanc

Region: France > Loire

Category: White

Capacity: 750ml


(The following is from the importer's materials) Didier Dagueneau is a producer who was known as the ``Genius of the Loire'' and is still popular today. Although now in the hands of his son Louis Benjamin, he continues to produce high-quality wine. Pur Saint is one of Didier Dagueneau's signature cuvées. The plot that produces this wine is a completely south-facing slope on the north side of Saint-Andre. The aroma is reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers, and the extremely mineral taste spreads in the mouth with surprising complexity. The magnificent balance of fruit power and depth is very impressive.

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Didier Daguenneau

World-famous wines from the Loire

The Loire River is a large river with a total length of over 1000 kilometers that originates in the central highlands of southern France. The river curves north from southern France, turns slightly south around Orelleans, and empties into the Atlantic Ocean at the estuary town of Nantes. Both banks of the Loire River are known as famous wine producing regions, and the AOC wine producing regions extend from the central French region to the Nantes region. It is an area with a long history, with records showing that wine production has been going on since the 2nd or 3rd century.

The Loire is famous for its white wines made from Muscadet and Sauvignon Blanc. Although it is refreshing and easy to drink and is popular, it does not have the brand power of Bordeaux or Burgundy, so it has long been ranked as a B-class wine region.

A genius winemaker with a hippie look
A genius is born in this mediocre production area. Didier Dagueneau was born in 1956 in a small village in the Pouilly-Fumé appellation, at the uppermost reaches of the AOC Loire. Didier Dagueneau's family had been making wine for generations, but he had a hard time getting along with his father, so he ran away from home after graduating from school.

Didier Dagueneau, later known as the ``Maverick of the Loire,'' possessed an unconventional and unique sensibility from an early age. The profession he chose was that of a motorcycle racer. He immersed himself in the harsh world of racing, and after a few years he was able to make a living as a racer.

However, in 1982, Didier Dagueneau suddenly returned to his hometown of Pouilly-Fumé to take over the family winery business. It's hard to fathom what made him make that decision, but then Didier Dagueneau became immersed in winemaking and dedicated his life to it.

As if freed from the oppressive world of motorcycle racing, Didier Dagueneau turned to winemaking naturally. He has a bandana wrapped around his shoulder-length messy hair, a bushy Santa Claus-like beard grows on his chin, and he wears a flannel shirt and overalls. Didier Dagueneau had a large body and looked like a tough rock singer, but when he smiled, he had a boyish charm that attracted those around him.