Mortlach 1988 Samaroli Single Cask・Coilltean

Product name: Samaroli Laphroaig 1988

Producer name: HIGHLAND PARK

Country: Scotland

Brand: single malt

Category: whisky

Capacity: 700ml


Mortlach 1988 Samaroli Single Cask/Corten

Single cask Mortlach from iconic bottler Samaroli.

Samaroli is probably Italy's most respected independent bottler of Scotch whisky. With an eye for the impeccable taste and aesthetics (if not sometimes English spelling!) of single cask whisky, he is considered by many to be a visionary. Many of his bottles now occupy a well-deserved place in the great pantheon of whisky.

Coilltean was originally a label devised by Samaroli to give more variety to his portfolio after purchasing a surplus of Glen Garioch barrels. By the early 2000s, he was bottling Coiltean using a number of distilleries, now disclosing their names. These are some of the first releases to endure the controversial "sophisticated on the side of the bottle..." text, which the Scotch Whiskey Association hated but Silvano fully believed in.

Distilled in 1988 and bottled in 2006 from Sherry Wood Cask #7777.

1 of 780 pieces.

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