Geverey Chambertin・Charles Van Canneyt・2020

Product name: Gevrey Chambertin

Producer name: Charles van Canneyt

Variety: pinot noir

Region: France > Burgundy

Category: red

Capacity: 750ml


(The following is from the importer materials)
Charles Van Canet is the young current head of one of Burgundy's most prestigious domaines, ``Alain Hudrot Noellat''. In 2012, he launched his own micronegociant company, Charles Van Canet. The wines of his name, which are full of young talents who are attracting attention from around the world, bring out the charm of each region's terroir.

A masterpiece with a transparent aroma that tightens the whole thing with the cool and elegant acidity typical of Burgundy wine.

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Charles van Canneyt

Micronegociant of Burgundy's rising star Alain Hudro Noela, who continues the great history

Burgundy's rising star Alain Hudrot Noellat continues the great history of Charles Noellat. The young third generation owner, Charles Van Canay, is in charge of cultivation and brewing. ``Charles Van Canay'' is a micronegociant founded by young Charles in 2012 to pursue the expression of appellations that he does not own as a domaine. The allocation to Japan is even less than Alain Hudro Noela, and it is known as a very difficult brand to obtain. A captivating bouquet with aromas of red cherry, wild strawberry and orange peel. When exposed to air for a while, a mineral scent appears. The taste is medium-bodied, with a hint of sweetness at the beginning, and a fleshy, ripe fruit flavor. This wine has a truly wonderful aroma, but it needs a bit of aging to bring out its dignity and give it a little more structure in the aftertaste.