Double Cask 12years・The Macallan

Product name: double cask 12 years

Producer name: Macallan

Country: Scotland

Brand: single malt

Category: whisky

Capacity: 700ml


Genuine product with box Scotch whiskey A prestigious product of Speyside, a famous production area called the sacred place of malt whisky.
Macallan Brewery
It was already well-known in the early 18th century when it was called McCarran Parish.
It is a top-class Scotch whisky, with a very long history and is known as the ``Rolls Royce'' of single malts.

At The Macallan, it is said that approximately 60% of the final whiskey's color, character, and flavor are determined by the quality of the barrel, and is considered the most important element in making The Macallan.

The European oak barrels and American oak barrels used in Macallan are made from oak wood harvested from forests managed by the company and dried in the sun for one year.

Sherry barrels are made by hand by craftsmen in southern Spain, and are filled with a special sherry liquor and aged for three years.

We have some unprocessed sake that is over 50 years old in our warehouse, and our craftsmen blend it with an exquisite balance that can be called a miracle.

By paying close attention to everything from raw materials to manufacturing and storage, we are able to create The Macallan, which has earned a unique reputation around the world.

The ``1824 Series'', which allows you to enjoy the uniqueness of Macallan, emphasizes the elements of aging in sherry barrels and natural color, and is created with a new attempt to indicate the degree of ripeness by color instead of the traditional age indication.

Gold has a scent of citrus fruits such as lemon, dried fruits, and a hint of vanilla, and flavors such as dark chocolate, ginger, and cinnamon.

A super luxurious product with a soft fruit flavor and a pleasant dry aftertaste.

Please enjoy the exquisite taste worthy of the name of the world's best!

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