Corton Renardes・D'Ardhuy2011

Product name: colton lunardo

Producer name: D'Ardhuy

Variety: pinot noir

Region: France > Burgundy

Category: red

Capacity: 750ml


(The following is from the importer materials)
Colton Renardo is located on an uphill slope between 280 and 340 meters above sea level, and is located between the soft and feminine Pouget and the firm and masculine Moulot, and the taste reflects both characters in a well-balanced manner.
Brown limestone soil with subsoil of Batonian limestone.
Intense aromas of blackberry and the slightly wild, whispering or animal notes that characterize this wine. A typical Corton wine. Rich, powerful and aromatic, this wine requires considerable storage to fully express its elegance and long finish. A wine suitable for aging

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The domaine has made tremendous progress in recent years, and has already become one of the top domaines in Europe.

Darduy is a large domaine that owns 7 Grand Crus centered on Corton, 15 Premier Crus, and various other appellations throughout Burgundy.
The building of the domaine is also a magnificent building similar to a chateau in Bordeaux, unlike the small farmhouse-like domaines often seen in Burgundy. It was built by Cistercian monks in the 17th century and has become the symbol of the domaine. It was around this time that the young genius brewer [Carel Vorhuis] was hired as the cultivation and brewing manager, and the winery achieved great success. He studied viticulture and oenology at the University of Dijon, and drawing on his experience in Burgundy, Australia, and other countries, thorough reforms were carried out, which immediately led to improved quality, and the domaine rapidly became popular all over the world. It has been highly rated.

Until 2002, the quality control of Darduy's wines had been entrusted to négociant Reine Pédoc, and the wines of Darduy did not receive much public attention.・Evaluation has rapidly increased since Voluis took over as estate manager.

In 2006, Burgundy wine expert Alain Meadow said, ``If you take it seriously, you have the potential to rival the top domaines in Burgundy, because you have something so wonderful.'' I have a feeling that it will bloom. Furthermore, in 2007, it was featured in "Decanter" as the top of the "10 most advanced domaines" selected by Clive Coates, and in 2008, the aforementioned Alan Meadow finally praised the quality of the 2005 and 2006 wines as having exploded. We received approval saying, ``We have improved in terms of performance.''

The parents of Karel Voruys, a leading figure in quality reform, run Domaine Voruys Henke in the Jura. His spark of genius may have come from living there, but he would not have achieved the success he has today without the experience of training all over the world. Managing over 200 plots of vineyards makes it extremely difficult to make everything organic, but the project is currently moving in that direction. Although it is still unknown in Japan as it has not been introduced, the domaine has made tremendous progress in recent years and has already become one of the top domaines in Europe.