Chardonnay Dutton Ranch・Dutton Ranch2017

Product name: Chardonnay Dutton Ranch

Producer name: Chardonnay Dutton Ranch

Variety: Chardonnay

Region: America > California

Category: White

Capacity: 750ml


(The following is from the importer's materials) A blend of grapes from various parcels, mainly Green Valley, to embody the classic Russian River Valley Chardonnay, with its fruit power, richness, and great acid structure. . A cool scent with hints of ripe orange, apricot, herbs, and vanilla. Fine acid blends seamlessly into the transparent and gentle fruit, creating a dense and complex flavor. Long and creamy aftertaste Click here for producer information ▼ Cool western region of the Russian River Valley
Located on the North Coast of Northern California, Sonoma's western region of the Russian River Valley is known as a world-class producer of outstanding Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Due to its proximity to the coastline, the area is exposed to a constant amount of cold mist from the sea, benefiting from California's abundant sunshine and cool climate, allowing the grapes to ripen fully while retaining their firm acidity. In particular, Green Valley, which has been certified as an independent appellation, is located in the first place where fog flows in from the break in the mountains along the coast called Petaluma Gap, resulting in an even cooler climate, resulting in an abundance of fruit. It is attracting attention as a production area for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which retain a sense of tension. However, this region was not recognized as a world-class wine producing region from the beginning. In the 1960s, while Napa's wine industry was booming, fruit trees such as grapes and apples for mass-produced sparkling wine were grown in the western part of the Russian River Valley, which was considered too cool to produce high-quality wine. It was mainly cultivated. The Dutton family, who have been cultivating fruit trees since the 19th century, changed this unfortunate situation. Warren Dutton, the fourth generation, foresaw the potential of this area for wine, established Dutton Ranch and shifted the family business to grape cultivation, planting the first Chardonnay trees in Green Valley, and gaining support from surrounding farmers. Even if he could not obtain the desired results, he continued to work on growing grapes, believing in the possibilities. Dutton Ranch now owns approximately 445 hectares of vineyards mainly in the Russian River Valley, and has become one of Sonoma's most prominent growers, purveyors of fine wineries such as Kistler. Dutton and his friend Dan Goldfield.

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Chardonnay Dutton Ranch