Berrys' Own Selection 16 Years・Bowmore

Product name: BBR reprint label Bowmore 16 years

Producer name: Bowmore

Country: Scotland

Brand: single malt

Category: whisky

Capacity: 700ml


Founded in 1698, BBR (Berry Broth & Rud) is a long-established liquor store that has been supplying wine to the Royal Family since the 18th century and has been awarded two royal charters. This reprint label is said to be the one used for the label design at the time of the company's founding, and has been adopted for some bottlings. The reprint label bottling was carried out with the full cooperation of BBR Spirits Manager Douglas Mclvor (manager at the time of 2010). This bottle is imported and sold by Whisk-E, so it will only be sold in Japan.

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