12 Years Single Malt・Glenlivet

Product name: Pure single malt 12 years

Producer name: Glenlivet

Country: Scotland

Brand: single malt

Category: whisky

Capacity: 700ml


The Glenlivet Distillery was established in 1824 as the first distillery officially recognized by the British government.
This bottle is from a lot of Glenlivet that was distributed in the late 1980s, and is a standard product aged for 12 years, the successor to the "Unblended all malt" label.
Up until the "Unblended all malt" notation, there was a faint aroma of old sherry and peat, but the 12-year aged wine from this era has a fruity aroma of apples and pears that is closer to the current bottle, so the current It feels like the original bottle where you can feel the direction of Glenlivet's taste.
This is noticeable when you compare it with lots distributed in the early 1980s and current bottles, so it can be said to be a very enjoyable bottle as an entry to old bottles.

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