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His appearance is exactly the old-fashioned craftsman. He has a quiet personality, but he is very honest and has a strong belief as a vinylon hidden inside. Vinylon's career started in 1988 in Louis Carillon, his father's domaine. François has gained experience in field work, harvesting, and brewing since then, and has inherited the traditions of the Carillon family from his grandfather and father. François wine is still very important to the carillon family philophyth, which says that "fields create wine quality." Currently, in addition to the venerable field inherited by his father, François, who has an extraordinary passion for field work, is carefully selected, and is also working on wine from the fields he got. His wine is all attractive, with the strictness and fines of Chardonnay, born in the great Puliny. In 2014, La Revue Du Vin de France, along with Conte Raffon and Lurois, was selected as the most great Domaine in Burgundy, and is a new Carillon, which is expected to be the hottest domain.

great white new history
The Purny Montlache, which can be back to Jean Carillon in 1520 as Vinlon. Louis Carillon, the predecessor, is a great white structure that is praised for the highest rated three stars, like Conte Rafon and Liféave. In recent years, the 16th generation Jack and the François Carillon brothers were responsible for brewing and cultivation, but their own fields were divided after his father's retirement. In 2010, François became independent of the domaine inherited by his brother Jack. The new brewery of the Carillon family born is François Carillon.